Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Affiliate Millions

Affiliate Millions

How would life be different if you were able to earn thousands of dollars each month from the comfort of your own home? It seems to good to be true and sounds a lot like the scams you see on TV. It sounds like another get rich quick scheme that people fall for right? Well not always. In MKTG 670 we have been learning a lot about e-commerce and how to use it to earn money. I decided that in my search for a book for class I would look for one that might help me earn money from home with little supporting capital and time constraints. I found "Affiliate Millions: Make a Fourtune Using Search Marketing on Google & Beyond."

This book began by introducing the main author who had found success using search marketing techniques to drive affiliate marketing campaigns. The author, Anthony Borelli, was your average working business man with a 9-5 that was not fulfilling. Borelli decided to try affiliate marketing as a side business and soon began to earn enough that he was able to make his affiliate marketing campaigns his only job.

After introducing himself Borelli fills us in on the affiliate marketing environment. We learn the definition of affiliate marketing, search marketing, click-throughs, affiliate networks, and many more. We also learn Borelli's 10 step approach to successful affiliate marketing.

10-Step Approach
  • set your sights on success
  • learn as much as you can about affiliate advertising
  • learn as much as you can about search marketing
  • join and affiliate network
  • join affiliate programs
  • learn how to manage your search campaigns (hardest part)
  • don't let mistakes get you down
  • invest in and grow your programs
  • manage your business like a business
After outlining this 10-step approach Borelli breaks down his steps into three areas and expands on how to complete each step while sighting examples from his own business success. The first area is Getting Started, the second is Launching Your Advertising Campaign, and the third is Managing Your Marketing Campaign.

Borelli also stresses how important it is to make sure that you treat your endeavor into affiliate marketing like a business. You must learn about it, make smart and creative decisions in your campaigns and build a reputation with advertisers to make sure that you can sustain your efforts. You must also be able to weather rough patches along the way.

I thought this book was great for beginners who were looking for basic information about affiliate marketing through search. It did a good job of defining the affiliate marketing industry and gave a clear picture of how one person was successful at his approach. I think however, that if you are serious about starting your own affiliate business you should do more research and look to multiple references to build your model and find success.

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