Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual

Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual is the most fantastical tale ever written. It is as if the digital hand of God reached down and personally penned this enticing memoir, giving us a deeper look into his feelings and intellect regarding Web site development and the popular Web development software known as Dreamweaver CS3. From page 1 I felt emotionally attached, and found myself wishing there was more as I breathlessly turned the last of the book's 995 pages. The characters were engaging and the main heroine (the Westie on the cover) was someone I could relate to on an intimate level.

In actuality Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual, or CS3MM, which us people in the know call it, is more or less a reference guide, which could very successfully serve as an extremely knowledgeable "right hand man" for the entire gamut of Web Developers whom are using the Dreamweaver software.

David Sawyer McFarland, whom authored the book, has gone all the way with Dreamweaver several times and has enough E-credentials to explode my 500 word limit several times over, provides enough intimate detail to let us as the reader become immediately familiar with the software without becoming overwhelmed. McFarland effectively presents the material in a manner that can be digested by any newbie, just dabbling his tiny feet into the baby pool of Web development, to any professional, looking to make a splash in the giant waters of the World Wide Web. CS3MM simply put, can take the user and connect him to the Adobe software in a way that will let him/her bring their brilliant Web site ideas to life.

The true beauty McFarland's book and of CS3MM is its context. CS3MM is structured very intelligently and in a manner that strategically takes the user through the 7C's of a successful website beginning with content and ending with customization. Each chapter is broken down into manageable sections, which help the user master the software in a way that logically builds upon the 7C's until the final product can be as dynamic and self sustaining as the user so wishes. CS3MM does not stop there, as it also goes beyond Web site development and provides guidance in the realm of Web site management, providing instruction on how to use Dreamweaver to create and use templates, snippets, libraries, and even Dynamic content, necessary for companies requiring large catalogues or hundreds of Web pages.

Before running out and looting your local Barnes & Noble for a copy of CS3MM during the next plunge in the DOW, it is important to remember that a solid foundation and understanding of the 7C's will help tremendously. Although CS3MM provides the medium to navigate the tools provided by Dreamweaver and utilize the 7C's, in no way does the book provide you with the vision and understanding of how to successfully implement those tools.

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